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Host your party at Good News Brewing Company

Good News O'Fallon

Parties, Showers, Rehearsal Dinners and more...

When we were home brewing beer together in the basement we had monthly brew parties with our friends and family.  We would make beer, eat pizza, and share Good News. This is why we love hosting parties and events.  Reserve your date or contact us for more information.





Pay for all your guests

GATHER: $100 Venue Reservation

EAT: $17/Person + 20% Gratuity 

  • Unlimited Wood-Fired Pizza and Salad Buffet

DRINK: $20/Person​ + 20% Gratuity

  • 3 Hour Open Bar - House and Seasonal Beers, Wine, Sodas


Split the cost with your guest

GATHER: $100 Venue Reservation

EAT: Hybrid Options

  • Buy a few pizzas at a time as "appetizers"

  • Pay for the food and let guests buy their own drinks.

DRINK: ​ Hybrid Options

  • Buy the 1st round

  • Have a bar limit


Guests pay their own tab

GATHER: $100 Venue Reservation

EAT: See our menu for pricing

  • Note: guest's food wait times will vary based on other customers

DRINK: ​ See our menu for pricing

  • Note: guest will have to wait in line to order drinks


Want some privacy?

GATHER: $200 Venue Reservation

  • Rehearsal Dinners

  • O'Fallon and Defiance Only

  • Microphone + Speaker


EAT: $17/Person + 20% Gratuity 

  • Unlimited Wood-Fired Pizza and Salad Buffet

  • 30 People minimum

DRINK: $20/Person​ + 20% Gratuity

  • 3 Hour Open Bar - House and Seasonal Beers, Wine, Sodas

  • Hybrid option available


  • How do we book the event?
    Please make your reservation online using our booking site. Click on the Reserve button to see a calendar to know if the date/time is available. Even if you contact us and say you want to reserve the date, you must pay your reservation fee and select your date using our online booking platform. Our reservations are first come first serve, so we suggest booking your reservation as soon as possible. Once you make the reservation, we will be in contact with your final payment options.
  • What is the Semi-Private Party Option
    When you book a party at any of our Good News locations, we will put you in an area that fits your party size and other customers may be sitting right next to your party. If you want some privacy, we will reserve the entire patio in O'Fallon or the front room in Defiance. Each of these can hold about 50 people and we will close the area to the general public. Note: +In Defiance the public may be walking through this room to go to the restrooms. We try to use close the section and have our other customers use the bathroom outside, but this is not possible on busy weekends. + We require a 30 person minimum buffet and bar for Semi-Private events as we have to close the entire section to the general public. This can be paid by the host or a hybrid approach, but either way $15/person for food and $20/person for bar = $1,050 minimum.
  • What is the capacity of the brewery for events?
    Our brewery can accommodate up to 50 guests for small private events. We have both indoor and outdoor seating options to suit your preferences.
  • Is there a rental fee for hosting events at the brewery?
    Yes, each event requires a rental fee to reserve the tables or party room . For most parties this is only $100 and for a semi-private event this is $200. For large private events (100+ people) such as weddings, class reunions, or large corporate events in Defiance there is a different fee.
  • Can we bring our own decorations and personalize the space?
    Absolutely! You are welcome to bring your own decorations to personalize the space for your event. However, please check with us for any restrictions or timeline. BUT NO GLITTER!
  • Do you offer catering services, or can we bring our own food or drink? What about desserts?
    For parties we offer wood-fired pizza and salad. We do not allow outside catering for parties 50 and under. You are NOT allowed to bring any outside alcohol to our event. You are allowed to bring your own desserts...if you share! 🎂
  • Can we have live music or entertainment at our event?
    Yes, we allow live music and entertainment. Note, our other guests will also enjoy the music. We do not allow DJs for small events under 50 people.
  • What if my guests don't like beer?
    We won't hold it against them, but we only serve beer and wine at all of our locations except Defiance and Augusta. We do not allow any outside alcohol at our locations.
  • Is there a minimum age requirement for guests attending events at the brewery? Are there kids pricing?
    No, there is no minimum age. Pricing for kids: $10/child under 21 - Includes Non-Alcoholic Drinks and wood-fired pizza and salad if you select the Host Bar.
  • Can we book a brewery tour as part of our event?
    Our main brewery is in Augusta and our brewers are only there during the weekday, so a brewery tour is not available.
  • Is there a specific time limit for events at the brewery?
    The party time is set for 3 hours. Use our online reservation platform to schedule your date and time. Select the time you want and if you need more than 3 hours, let us know the details once you make your reservation.
  • What is your cancellation policy for events?
    In the case of cancellation, you must give 7 days notice or your reservation fee is forfeited.
  • What if my date is not available?
    If you go to the booking site and your date is not available this means another guest booked a party. Go ahead and send us a note and we might be able to squeeze you in as well, but no promises.

Still have questions? Send us a message!

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