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330 Sonderen St.



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Defiance, MO

2886 S MO 94




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*Please note: This location hosts private events and weddings, and is sometimes closed to the public as a result. We recommend calling ahead or visiting our Facebook page for early closure information.


Augusta, MO

5521 Water St



Friday 11AM-8PM

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O'Fallon, MO

111 N Main St



Tuesday 7AM-8PM

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Sunday 8AM-6PM

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Troy, MO

180 E Cherry St




Tuesday 11AM-8PM

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Saturday 11AM-9PM

Sunday 11AM-6PM

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It all started in 2003 when Dan received his Mr. Beer kit for Christmas. The beer made it to the fermenter and it sat there...for five years. He gave up on brewing until he heard about a local Homebrew Store and started brewing extract kits in a turkey fryer. Although more successful than the Mr. Beer kits there were more bad batches than good ones. Ask him about the root beer  flavored brown ale (this was before root beer ales were cool).  At about the same time, Matt also started brewing extract kits at home and was having more success than Dan. The only problem was he was the only one that liked the beer because he was always putting peppers in his brew. We still can't get him to stop. If you ever have one of our beers with smoke, pomegranates, rhubarb or something else crazy, you can thank Matt. Meanwhile when Josh was still skateboarding and listening to punk rock, Dan started getting better at all grain brewing then had the crazy idea of doing electric brewing in the basement. It was going great until he almost burned the house down and flooded the finished basement with wort.


Around 2014, Matt joined Dan’s Mission Community (Bible Study) for their church. Dan showed Matt his all grain electric brewing setup (it was a mine is bigger than your's moment) and Matt felt the challenge. He left saying if this guy can do it, I can do it bigger and better...and that he did. About the same time, Matt and Josh were working together and Josh had a fascination with making wort chillers, so Josh and Matt started brewing together and building a great electric basement system.  In addition to liking spicy things in beer, Matt is never satisfied with the status quo. He needs a shirt that says we’ve gotta go bigger.


A few months later Dan and Matt’s group did a book study called Flesh by Hugh Halter and learned the power of sharing The Good News by being human. This means having fun, celebrating, being in community, and having parties. Remember how Jesus did that thing where he turned water into wine? So Josh and Matt went bigger and built a one barrel system (Dan just watched).  


Once a month we had a monthly brew night where we would invite friends, family, strangers, and strange friends to party and brew with us. We would always brew an extra five gallons to give away and share. We would share good news, stories, laughs, and beer.


Now, with the help of our new head brewer, we have the opportunity to share Good News with you, because Everyone loves Good News.




Matt is the "brains" behind Good News Brewing. He is a mechanic by trade and is responsible for the overall brewing process, building the equipment, recipe design, and the business operations of the brewery. When Matt is not brewing, he is spending time with his girlfriend, Laura, and their blended family, boating coaching football, and watching the 49ers.



Dan is the "mouth" behind Good News Brewing. He is an elementary educator by trade and responsible for Brewpub management, marketing and communications. When he is not at the brewery he is chasing his 5 kids around, training & competing in triathlons, and spending time with his wife, Annie.



Sarah makes the magic at Good News Brewing, managing the brewhouse and brewing the beer we all love to drink! Several years ago, she left behind a life of corporate marketing to follow her passion for craft beer and has never looked back. When not at Good News, Sarah loves visiting other breweries, running, cooking, and hanging out with her dog, Jackson.



We are always looking for ways to share some Good News and support a good cause. Contact us if you have a fundraiser/non-profit event or want to host a party at the brewery.  

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